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Festival & Fundraiser
Festival & Fundraiser
MUSIC, ART, CULTURE CREATE & CONNECT RISE UP BROOKLYN presents Jazz | World | AfroBeat JAZZ WORLD AFROBEAT JULY 10 | 11 | 17 | 18 | 24 | 25 VIRTUAL (BLOCKCHAIN) VENUE Created & Presented by Jon Blok 7PM JULY 7 | 14 | 21 | 28 TUESDAYS SAFETY NY STATE | CDC GUIDELINES SAFETY FirstLive is committed to maintaining CDC/NY state guidelines on cleanliness to provide a safe and professional platform
for creative expression and civic engagement, including studio capacity limit, social distancing, hand-washing, daily
cleaning & disinfecting and wearing of masks.


Wednesday, July 1 - Sunday, July 12

01 GMB PreLaunch WEDNESDAY, JULY 1st - 10AM Good Morning Bushwick with Bud & Roach kick-off 30 Days To Rock, Festival and Fundraiser PODCAST | CULTURE JUL 2 Pit Brothers Band THURSDAY, JULY 2nd - 7PM PIT BROTHERS BAND MUSIC JUL 3 Daisy Skelton FRIDAY, JULY 3rd - 7PM DAISY SKELTON MUSIC - ROCK | R&B | JAZZ JUL 4 A Mondrian Affair SATURDAY, JULY 4th - 7PM A Mondrian Affair - Happy 4th of July! MUSIC July 5 - Many Hearts SUNDAY, JULY 5th - 3PM Many Hearts of Bushwick PODCAST | CULTURE July 6 Jon Di Fiore MONDAY, JULY 6th - 7PM Jon Di Fiore Trio MUSIC - JAZZ July 7 Territory Aqueous Isolations TUESDAY, JULY 7th - 7PM Aqueous Isolations, a virtual art exhibition, livestream, Q&A with Claire Townsend & Renee Berthelette Art Exhibit July 8 GMB WEDNESDAY, JULY 8th - 10AM Good Morning Bushwick with Bud & Roach Podcast | Pop Culture July 9 - The Morrow THURSDAY, JULY 9th - 7PM The Morrow MUSIC July 10 - Ajoyo FRIDAY, JULY 10th - 7PM Rise Up Brooklyn presents
July 11 - Sarah Elizabeth SATURDAY, JULY 11th - 7PM Rise Up Brooklyn presents
Sarah Elizabeth Charles
July 11 escarioka SATURDAY, JULY 11th - 10PM escarioka PSYCHOTROPICAL | GYPSYPUNK | CUMBIA JUL 12 Live Painting SUNDAY, JULY 12th - 7PM Aqueous Isolations: A Live Painting Performance with TINSTY & Renée Berthelette ART | LIVE PAINTING

MONDAY, July 13 - Sunday, July 19

July 13 John Bergdahl MONDAY, JULY 13th - 7PM John Bergdahl Presents films by the band Lesion with commentary VIDEO SHOWCASE | MUSIC 7 14 Letters to Nepal TUESDAY, JULY 14 - 7PM Letters To Nepal MUSIC | INDIE ELECTRONIC 7 15 GMB 10AM WEDNESDAY, JULY 15th - 10AM Good Morning Bushwick
with Bud & Roach
7 15 Kevin Daniel 7PM WEDNESDAY, JULY 15TH - 7PM Kevin Daniel MUSIC | AMERICANA 716 Mila Tina THURSDAY, JULY 16TH - 7PM Mila Tina MUSIC | DRUMMER | PERCUSIONIST 717 Joel Ross 7PM FRIDAY, JULY 17TH - 7PM Rise Up Brooklyn presents
718 Godwin Louis SATURDAY, JULY 18TH - 7PM Rise Up Brooklyn presents
Godwin Louis
719 Nonresidents 3PM SUNDAY, JULY 19TH - 3PM Non Residents MUSIC | METAL 719 Jesus Knievel 7PM SUNDAY, JULY 19TH - 7PM Jesus Knevil MUSIC | METAL

MONDAY, July 20 - FRIDAY, July 31

MO 7/20 Finding Thomas MONDAY, JULY 20TH - 7PM MUSIC Finding Thomas TU 7/21 Munyeco TUESDAY, JULY 21st - 7PM Territory Virtual Venue hosted by Jon Blok feat. Munyeco MUSIC - VIRTUAL (BLOCKCHAIN) VENUE WE 7/22 GMB WEDNESDAY, JULY 22ND - 10AM Good Morning Bushwick with Bud & Roach PODCAST | CULTURE TH 723 Dusty Wright THURSDAY, JULY 23rd - 7PM Dusty Wright MUSIC | AMERICANA FR 724 Rise Up FRIDAY, JULY 24th - 7PM Rise Up Brooklyn presents Jonathan Blake Quartet feat. Chris Potter JAZZ | WORLD | AFROBEAT SA 0725 RiseUp 7PM SATURDAY, JULY 25TH - 7PM Rise Up Brooklyn presents Camille Thurman JAZZ | WORLD | AFROBEAT SA 0725 10P NECROTIC SOCIETY SATURDAY, JULY 25th - 10PM Necrotic Society MUSIC SU 0726 MixConception 7PM SUNDAY, JULY 26th - 7PM MIX CONCEPTION: Eclectic music fusion, infused in funk, soul, hip-hop and storytelling MUSIC MO July 27 Jimmy Felix MONDAY, JULY 27th - 7PM Rhythmic Salvation feat. Jimmy Lopez & DJ Felix Martin MUSIC | Afro, Latin, Worldbeat, Dance TU JULY 28 TERRITORY TUESDAY, JULY 28th - 7PM Territory Virtual Venue hosted by Jon Blok feat. Sophie Auster presented by Annie O Music Live VIRTUAL VENUE WED 0729 GMB WEDNESDAY, JULY 29th - 10AM Good Morning Bushwick podcast with Bud & Roach PODCAST | CULTURE THURSDAY, JULY 30th - 7PM Disciples of Verity (DOV) MUSIC FRI 0731 Rise Up FRIDAY, JULY 31st - 7PM Rise Up Brooklyn presents ZIARRA JAZZ | WORLD | AFROBEAT

mi casa, es tu casa (our house, is your house) LOUNGE Bandwidth Shoot Coffee & Cocktails LOUNGE Bandwidth Shoot – Daniel J Morrow LOUNGE Bushwick Natives – Bud & Roach
Good Morning Bushwick Podcast
Bud & Roach in the Control Room LOUNGE The Many Hearts of Bushwick Podcast CONTROL RM CONTROL RM Lounge View *Kyoto Cold Brew STUDIO All The Way Live Event STUDIO Soundproofing STUDIO Mila Tina STUDIO The Future - Emerging Artists STUDIO

PATRONAGE We are all patrons of the arts. At FIRSTLIVE, our mission is to provide a professional and safe environment for artists to create and where the work can then be shared across multiple social platforms. The goal is to lift spirits by capturing and sharing performances that inspire. Proceeds raised will pay artists and help keep the studio open.

If you can, please make a financial contribution.

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